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There are many quality small and medium venues available in the Guelph area - churches, banquet halls, community and school theatre. They all have differing levels of sound equipment and support.  While many of them offer operators as part of the package, there is a definite advantage in having someone at your side that is dedicated to your needs, and has your success as their first priority. 


After familiarizing himself with your program and its requirements, Dennis will work with the venue on your behalf to ensure that your vision for the program is fulfilled to the best possible effect.




Finding volunteers to tackle technical issues within a church, community theatre, or other group can be difficult.  Finding volunteers with the technical training required to get the best result can be close to impossible.

As technical director for a local church and sound director for Guelph Little Theatre, Dennis has accumulated more than twenty years of experience training volunteers in the basics of sound/audio theory and operations. From the retired pro, to the enthusiastic but inexperienced amateur, to the poor guy who just walked too close to the sound booth one day; Dennis has helped many volunteers upgrade their skills and improve their game.

There are a variety of training options available, each tailored to your needs and your equipment and conducted at your facility.  Call and let’s find out how we can help your team improve their contribution.


Since 2006 Dennis has been designing soundscapes for Guelph Little Theatre and other performers in the surrounding area.  His skill in this area has been recognized at the Western Ontario Drama League festival. 


If you would like to enhance your drama, puppet show, skit or other production with sound effects and musical underscoring, he’d be more than happy to put those skills to use on your behalf.

Interested in hiring Dennis Gray for one of your special events?  Let's Talk.​

“Dennis Gray has a great understanding of balancing sound from multiple sources. Over the past several concerts we have thrown everything at him; sometimes at short notice! Wind, string, percussion or electric Instruments, nervous soloists, 40 voice choir, small ensembles, belt sopranos and full voice basses. And many of these all in the same piece! He handles it all with skill and flexibility. Dennis loves to work on improving the quality of sound and getting the best mix he can - whether that is technical tweaking, finding just the right mic for a particular application, stand placement or mix, or coaching us on working well with a sound system. Dennis also helps newbies to feel confident and competent using AV equipment.


Dennis Gray is ‘not just another tech guy’. His personal approach, adaptability and desire to work WITH you in what your are producing put him head and shoulders above many AV professionals.”


Concert Production team of the Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo Wellington

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